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July 24, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

What even is Orange Wine anyway?

Orange wine? What the heck is this? Is it made from oranges? Why does it look like that? WHAT? It’s not made from oranges. Don’t worry. We’re going to get to the bottom of this. Then you’ll have a little awesome context next time you crack the top of your next Acapulco Swim Club bottle.

Wondering where this trend came from? Why are all the hipsters and wine nerds flocking to this mysteriously colored juice? Who came up with this new, kooky idea? Well, it turns out making orange wine is nothing new, in fact, it’s a technique that’s even older than the making of some other old-world varietals such as Syrah or Riesling. Orange wine has been made in The Caucasus Mountains of Georgia for over 6,000 years.

First, let’s get to the bottom of what actually makes something an orange, or skin-contact wine. The color of all wines depends on the time the wine's juice is left to macerate with its skins. Generally, in the white wine-making process, the grapes are pressed directly after being picked, and the skins, seeds, and stems are discarded. When we make an orange wine, we take the white grapes, and subject them to something like the red wine making process: once the fruit is crushed, it is then fermented with the seeds, skins and stems (also known as the ‘must) and left with them for the desired number of days. The longer the contact with the must, the more intense the color will be.

Assyrian Monks in Georgia began packing crushed grapes into qvervi, large egg-shaped Terracotta clay pots, with their stems and all, and then burying them underground for natural refrigeration. This provided a longer maceration period for the juice and skins, that would have spoiled the wine if left above ground. The extended maceration also helps develop an increase in aroma and flavor profiles in qvervi wines. Farming families and communities all over the area began to carry out these practices and pass on through generations. Super cool, right? So, where’d they go for so long?

With their lack of electric refrigeration years and years ago, this skin-contact technique was a way of extracting color, tannin and other oxygen-scavenging elements in order to preserve the wine the best they could. Once refrigeration was on the scene, people were able to start making more “polished” and technically “correct” white wines, and sometime around the start of the 20th Century, they were being produced on a much larger scale. This largely erased the culture of this ancient tradition for economic favor (you know…capitalism).

In the last 20 or so years, orange wine has come back into popularity, and the heritage of its tradition is being honored. Winemakers in Slovenia, Friuli and Croatia were inspired by the culture of the Georgians, and have now been making orange wine for hundreds of years, and are now returning to their roots and gaining recognition. In 2013 Qvervi wine-making tradition was also inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List to mark its intangible connection to Georgian culture and humanity.

And now here we are in good ‘ole California! At Tank, we’ve been making orange wine since 2015 with the 2016 release of van Zyl (named after our awesome wine maker), and we’ve never looked back. They are so fun to make and to taste, with the range of grape skins giving off such a kaleidoscope of different textures, aromas, and flavors. Skin-contact wines can really range in color from very light, pale amber like our 2021 Trousseau Gris, Occhiali da Sole to a much deeper and more vibrant hue, like our most recent orange exploration with Acapulco Swim Club. We recommend serving most skin-contact wines in a cool but not cold temperature range: around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so that you’re able to experience the whole expression of its aromatics and awesome-ness.

Oh, and orange wines LOVE food. Once they are paired with a cheese plate, all is right in the world. These wines can often hold up to more robust and bold flavors, so don’t be shy, buy those funky cheeses and get weird. It also provides an ideal middle ground when deciding between red and white: still offering that refreshing light quality but providing more texture and tannin.

New to the world of orange wine? We suggest starting with something easy and approachable like the aforementioned Occhiali da Sole, which received 2 days of skin maceration, as opposed to the 9 days that was executed for Acapulco Swim Club. Both are absolutely killer, and perfect for summer. Also check out our other orange blend, Love Saves the Day, if you want something right in the middle! Crack ‘em open with your friends and give them the history lesson they didn’t know they needed!

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Tank Garage Winery
July 17, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

The Perfect Wine for the Perfect Summer Destinations

We're here to give you the inside scoop on all the best California places to hang out this summer, and we've got the perfect wine to match each vibe.

Palm Springs/Acapulco Swim Club

Bottle of Acapulco Swim Club in front of Pool

This killer skin-contact blend is best enjoyed poolside in late afternoon heading into a perfect golden evening. We think Palm Springs is the ideal setting for sipping on some Acapulco Swim Club. With the strong summer heat and a desert setting, head here to lounge at a luxury resort or boutique hotel, take in the mid-century modern architecture, or unwind at a stylish cocktail lounge. Stay at Casa Cody or The Thompson, and check out The Penney for delicious food and drinks.

Big Sur/Hippy Sippy

Bottle of Hippy Sippy in front of Big Sur Bridge

Pack up your cooler and pop open some Hippy Sippy an epic cliffside. After a perfect hike through Julia Pfeiffer or Andrew Molera State Park, this is the perfect light and bubbly refreshment for your picnic lunch as you bask in the salty breeze and look out for whales on the horizon. After your afternoon of exploration, head to the Henry Miller Library to browse books, or see some live music, and then to the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant for dinner.

Venice Beach/Fuck Yeah

Bottle of Fuck Yeah in front of Venice Beach Boardwalk

The gritty energy of Los Angeles’ Venice Beach will have you quoting Fuck Yeah, all day. Watch the skaters make strut their stuff at the legendary Venice Skate Park, head to Gjusta Bakery for breakfast or lunch, stroll the canals, eat tacos from Teddy’s Red Tacos, and finish the day off with our perfect take on a Super-Tuscan, while you chill on the beach and watch the surfers catch waves.

Sequoia National Park/Don't Forget Me

Bottle of Don't Forget Me in front of Sequoia National Park

Marvel at these amazing trees (basically modern-day dinosaurs) as you wander through the magical trails of Sequoia National Park. After a full day of exploring amazing wonders like the biggest tree in the world, Muir Grove and Crystal Cave, settle down at your campsite for some perfect stargazing and pop open this bottle of this Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon and take in beautiful woodland odors of cedar and oak while you start up the fire.

San Luis Obispo/The Alright Fight Club

Bottle of The Alright Fight Club in front of San Luis Obispo seaside

San Luis Obispo is the coolest place to visit in the Central Coast of California, and with grapes sourced from The Edna Valley, just outside of town, our Grüner-forward, Alright Fight Club, is the ideal partner to a day of adventure in the Pacific breeze. Visit some cool wineries like Biddle Ranch Vineyard while you’re there, check out the cute restaurants and boutique shops downtown and stay, or at least go and ogle the unmatchable kitschy-ness of The Madonna Inn. Bring your wine to the Sea Chest Oyster Bar for the perfect pairing!

Lake Tahoe/Trailer Park Pretty

Bottle of Trailer Park Pretty White Zin in front of Lake Tahoe

Boating, biking, water sports, climbing, swimming…the list goes on. It’s really easy to have an action-packed time, really anywhere you travel in Lake Tahoe. We picture that a bottle of our Trailer Park Pretty White Zin is the perfect accompaniment to a daytime boat ride or afternoon post-swim. No matter what your plans are, this rosé is guaranteed to quench your thirst after a day of adventure on the water. If you're staying in South Lake Tahoe make sure to check out Burger Lounge for legendary nosh, and The Hangar for a great beer, and an even greater hang.

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