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February 19, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

Vinyl & Wine

We’re not sure about you, but around here we’re under the belief that the only thing better than wine and food is wine and the perfect vinyl. Music gets us all up in our feels, and we want to help you set the ideal vibe while sipping on your favorite Tank wine.  Admit it…you’ve pictured yourself as the star of your own movie; conjuring up the right cinematic lighting and the accompanying soundtrack in your head…

Consider us the curators of your score. All you’ve gotta do is drop the needle, pop the cork, sit back, sip and let those dreams run wild.


Softcore & Cocteau Twins' Heaven or Las Vegas

Joni Mitchell's Blue and a bottle of red wine

Soft, silky tannins accompanied by soft, silky riffs and vocals. Your tastebuds and your vibes will dance together in other worldliness, and we encourage melting into a lover’s arms the same way these guitar chords melt fantastically into one another. Get lost in a “Cherry-Colored Funk” with delicate ruby hues and spice. Make a fort with bedsheets. Grab a flashlight and play with shadows on the wall. Map the constellations and dream.

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Don’t Forget Me & Beach House's Devotion

Joni Mitchell's Blue and a bottle of red wine

Open your Heart of Chambers to a world of luscious flavors and make some memories that won’t fade. Profound chords, emotional lyrics, deep tannins dancing on your palette, delicate crescendos dancing on your heart. These musical notes hit right at the top of that doleful pit in your stomach, and the only antidote might be this espresso and vanilla-bean laced Cabernet from Sonoma County. Close your eyes, surrender to your senses and let those emotions carry you away.

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Love Saves the Day & Frank Ocean's Blonde

Frank Ocean's Blonde and a bottle of Orange Wine

Let’s get real. The journey of self-love and discovery is the most important one of all. We think that Frank Ocean’s masterpiece of entangled emotions and introspection is perfectly accompanied by a sensual and juicy orange wine with an apt message: “Love Saves the Day.” Sip on this mellow and fruit-punchy goodness as you cozy up on your couch after sunset and contemplate what it means to love. We think this wine and this album are one and the same: simple and effortless on the surface, with deeper layers and notes that keep your curiosity alive.

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Lost Dreams & Joni Mitchell's Blue

Joni Mitchell's Blue and a bottle of red wine

The deep well of yearning and desire in Joni Mitchell’s tonality can only be accompanied by a wine that stays mercurial, and has that rare ability to transport us to another state of mind. This Napa Valley Cabernet is weighty, and you can feel it tingling the depths of your soul as well as it soothes right into your palette. If this were a scene in your movie: you’re braving a cold winter, skies are heavy with clouds, you’ve got a wood-fired stove and a stained-glass windows where the raindrops make mosaic patterns you can stare at for hours.

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Flowershop & Karen Dalton's In my Own Time

Joni Mitchell's Blue and a bottle of red wine

There’s something about this pairing that feels like floating on a cloud. Picture yourself here: you drop the needle, let the music swell, open your shutters to a sun-drenched meadow of newly blooming flowers, and you pour yourself a botanical, zesty and delectable blend of Northern Rhone varietals. Get ready for a sensory overload, in the best way. This is the perfect duo for a return to longer, brighter, botanical days.

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