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March 20, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

The Tank Guide to Pairing Wine & Chips

Bag of Lays chips and a bottle of Wild Child Rose


It’s a tale as old as time: it’s Friday (or whatever your Friday is), you’re exhausted, but you’re still feeling the weekend vibes. Let’s get real, you don’t wanna cook yet, and you deserve to sit back, relax and unwind from the world’s follies that have been plaguing your work week. This is your time: you deserve a treat (you deserve all the treats). That delicious bottle of wine is calling, but it feels incomplete without that indulgent and salty snack. In come; the chips. Wine and chips are a match made in Heaven, and a perfect simplicity that’s right up our alley. The right combination can really blow those flavor profiles outta this world, and that’s why we’re here to give you our favorite, tried and true pairings. So stock up your snack cupboard, order these Tank wines, and get ready to try ‘em all.


Classic Lays and Wild Child Rosé

Bag of Lays chips and a bottle of Wild Child Rose

Salty, satiating, delicious. You can’t go wrong with the ole classic potato chip. The perfect Yin to that salty Yang? A crisp, bright rosé that’s quite frankly, refreshing AF. Pick up a bottle of our Provençal-style Wild Child blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault & Counoise. You truly can’t go wrong as flavors of wild strawberries, bing cherry and herbaceous tea provide the perfect “aaaaah!” to that crispy potato that we all love.

Alternatively: A classic potato chip is also awesome accompanied by bubbles. Think sparkling Chenin, Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs or Rosé champagne.

Shop Wild Child


Sour Cream & Onion with Lonely Hearts Club

Bag of Sour cream an onion and Lonely Hearts Club red wine

This one really threw us for a loop. Strawberry pop-tart and rosewater notes with sour cream…and onion? Trust us. It works. The earthiness of Grenache, and the bright fruitiness coming from Mourvèdre get down and dirty with those umami flavors and take us to an underground disco where we’re busting moves we didn’t even know we had in our wheelhouse. An unlikely combo that truly brings out the best in one another.

Alternatively: A tangy and citrus forward white wine : think, La Loba.

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Shop La Loba


Salt & Vinegar & Occhiali da Sole

Bag of Lays chips and a bottle of Wild Child Rose

Picture yourself here: the rain’s finally stopped, the sun is out, you’re lounging poolside late afternoon with a delectable bottle of our Trousseau Gris: Occhiali da Sole. Who knew that the only thing missing was the tangy crunch of Salt n’ Vinegar chips. For real. The subtle zesty citrus and slightly textural tannin structure of this skin-contact white stands up perfectly to that delightful zing you get with salt n’ vinegar chips. Warning on this one: keeping quantities to a minimum may be quite challenging. Not that we’re speaking from experience…

Alternatively: Riesling or Gewurtzaminer. These aromatic wines are excellent to balance out the acidity of those intense flavors.

Shop Occhiali da Sole


Cheetos & Heavy Metal Life

Bag of Cheetos and Heavy Metal Life red wine

We have first-hand experience and can officially deliver this information: Cheetos are the perfect pairing chip for red wines! Because, wine and cheese right? …not quite the same thing. But hey, fancy cheese is expensive, sometimes you don’t want to slice it all and make it look nice on the cheeseboard, and heck, Cheetos are effing delicious. We paired this with our Heavy Metal Life red wine: a blend of 71% Valdiguié, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Zinfandel, 5% Sagrantino, and it turns out it’s silky smooth bright cherry notes are the perfect accompaniment to that fake (but incredible) cheesy goodness.

Alternatively: Ok, so this was pretty much a tie because our Italian blend, Checkered Past (Barbera, Nero d’Avola, Bianchetta Trevigiana and Montepuliano) was also *chef’s kiss*. When the Cheetos are out, and you’re in doubt: go Italian.

Shop Heavy Metal Life

Shop Checkered Past


Spicy Nacho Doritos & Honky Tonk Girl

Bag of Lays chips and a bottle of Wild Child Rose

Proclaimed by our tasting room staff, “An explosion of flavor” (shout out Max Bidasha) and a “flavor bomb” *hands intertwined alongside self-made explosion sounds* (shout out Kate Kalinowski), this is thee shit. The dark berry and back palette spice that you get from this blend of Malbec, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Valdiguié and Alicante Bouschet brings out equal parts cheesy goodness and peppercorn spice that you get from Spicy Nacho Doritos. Who said wine and chips can’t be a Michelin Star tasting experience?

Alternatively: Syrah. With similar qualities, the subtle heat and deep black raspberry notes would hold up nicely to the weighted, big flavors that come with Doritos. Try Love is Louder than Bombs.

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Shop Love is Louder than Bombs

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