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June 15, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

San Francisco Hippy Tour ✌️

Bottle and hat on beach

During the 1960s, San Francisco became a hub for the hippy movement, attracting free-spirited individuals seeking peace, love, and artistic expression. Today, many landmarks in San Francisco serve as reminders of that vibrant time, and in the spirit of our new Pét-nat, Hippy Sippy, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate and explore some of these iconic hippie landmarks in the city!

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park itself deserves recognition as a prominent hippy landmark. This sprawling urban oasis provided a haven for the counterculture movement. The park's vast meadows and serene lakes offered spaces for outdoor concerts, meditation sessions, and artistic performances. Hippies would gather in groups, forming vibrant communities rooted in shared values of peace, love, and environmentalism. The park's enduring legacy as a cultural and recreational center makes it an essential stop for anyone interested in exploring San Francisco's hippy heritage.

Nestled within Golden Gate Park, Hippy Hill became a gathering place for hippies to celebrate and commune with nature. With its lush greenery and breathtaking views, it provided an ideal setting for music, poetry, and free-spirited gatherings. Today, this spot is also the location of one of the biggest 4/20 events! People from all over gather here to celebrate the right to freely use Cannabis.

People on Hippie Hill

A mere stone’s throw away from Hippy Hill is the Janis Joplin tree! This majestic tree stands as a tribute to Joplin's influential role in the hippy movement, calling back to when she used to play her songs right underneath it’s shady canopy. Joplin, known for her raw and powerful vocals, embodied the spirit of rebellion and individuality that defined the era. The tree serves as a symbolic gathering place, where fans and admirers pay homage to her legacy.

Person under Janis Joplin tree

While in Golden Gate Park, we also stopped at the AIDS Memorial Grove with our newest Tank Cares wine, Out of the Closet! The idea for the National AIDS Memorial was first conceived in 1988 by a small group of San Francisco residents representing a community devastated by the AIDS epidemic. This beautiful area is a dedicated space in the national landscape where millions of Americans touched directly or indirectly by AIDS can gather to heal, hope, and remember. You can still donate to AIDS Healthcare and research by making a Tank Cares donation here.

National AIDS Memorial rock


The Haight-Ashbury district is another cornerstone that became synonymous with the hippy movement, drawing countless young people seeking an alternative lifestyle. The neighborhood's colorful Victorian houses, vibrant murals, and eclectic shops created an inviting environment for artists, musicians, and free thinkers. This area has the former homes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead House

Baker Beach was our last spot, where we decided to pop open our bottle of Hippy Sippy and chill till sunset. Located near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach offers a scenic escape from the bustling city. During the 1960s, it became a popular spot for clothing-optional sunbathing and communal gatherings. People would come together, shedding societal norms and embracing freedom and self-expression. Although the clothing-optional scene has diminished over the years, Baker Beach is still a pillar of the Hippy movement, where communities gather and take in the beauty of San Francisco.

Bottle of Hippy Sippy in front of Golden Gate Bridge

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