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February 19, 2024 | Tank Garage Winery

Behind the Scenes Of Camera Shy

Camera Shy

There's an undeniable thrill in defying expectations, in breaking free from the mold and painting your own masterpiece. This sentiment is the very essence of our latest release, Camera Shy, a bold and rebellious red that bursts with flavor and challenges convention. But the story doesn't end with the wine itself. To truly capture the essence of Camera Shy, we turned to the enigmatic street artist, Ruse BAD, whose vibrant and empowering works resonate perfectly with the wine's spirit.

Ruse BAD's art transcends mere aesthetics. It's a celebration of female strength and individuality, a vibrant tapestry woven with bright colors, striking figures, and empowering messages. Just like Camera Shy's complex blend of flavors, Ruse BAD's artwork layers meaning upon meaning, inviting viewers to delve deeper and discover their own inner "Bad Beauty." Her roots run deep in the Bay Area, and she is now currently working and living in the Northeast. 

Ruse Bad painting a wall

How would you describe your art style?

My art style borders on surreal I suppose, with hints of graffiti art embedded within it; with the bold colors and exaggerated eyelashes, I aim to transport the viewer into my world: Bright colors with neon hues as warm as the sun, surrounding a uniquely beautiful woman that radiates her inner strength into the world,  to be viewed by all who are near her.  Powerful words and phrases surround her, like guardian angels reminding her of the countless qualities that she possesses within her.

Ultimately, I love for my work to be viewed as a source of empowerment for all that interact with it. If I can get one person to feel better about THEMSELVES,  then I've done my job.

A Ruse Bad Original

What inspires you?

My layouts and color schemes are inspired by artists from the past, as well as the 1980s.  I use alot of bright colors, neon and pastel hues.
However, the inspiration for the main portion of my work is inspired by women of all types everyday; The celebrity on the news that just spilled her heart out in her memoir;  the young girl at school that's being bullied for looking a little different; the trans woman paving a way to her truth; the single mother that doesn't love herself like she should....the list goes on! There's beauty and strength all around you. Sometimes it takes a little, or a lot, of soul searching.

What does your process look like?

Backgrounds are one of the most important parts of my artwork,  and usually take the most time creating. The background is a painting of the beauty within the subject of the piece. 

Each one is unique and one of a kind; no 2 pieces are exactly alike (just like real women. )  Each color has its exact place on the canvas.  Once I've completed background colors and blends, I then incorporate visual empowerment (words and phrases) into the piece; again, the layout and positioning is calculated and thought out.  Once I feel like I've created the inner beauty,  I then create the woman that embodies the vision I had at the beginning. 

Eyes are the windows to the soul; however, one must be careful when bearing their soul to others. So the eyelashes, sharp and long, and like knives. A protector of sorts, of the essence within. In some of my pieces, the woman is holding a gun. The gun is not an actual handgun, but it's the POWER the woman holds; her STRENGTH,  her ABILITIES.  Every woman carries a gun. 

Camera Shy

What's the concept behind Camera Shy?

Having my artistic roots in graffiti, there's a level of secrecy and elusivness that goes with the territory.  Finding the balance between being a known artist, and remaining anonymous is a battle.  I have my BAD BEAUTIES front and center; collected around the world, when you see my females, you know it's my creation. But my "Ruse Ghost" is always in the background; a reminder, a memory, of where I've been and where a part of me will always remain; hiding in the shadows, always making my mark.

What is your dream?

So many dreams, so little time! Artistically, I'd love to have a solo exhibition in Europe. I'd also love to do a limited edition line of accessories or clothing.  I'd also like to create a line of home goods,  such as linens or drinkware. Personally, I'd love to have an animal sanctuary, where I could also educate people on the importance of a vegan lifestyle,  and how all lives are important.

I'd rescue farm animals of all kinds, and dogs.  I'd love to have a huge pasture full of rescued pugs, chihuahuas, frenchies and Boston terriers. I'd lay in the middle of the field and let them run and jump all over me. Ah, what a life.


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