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Darling Don't Cry, Red Wine, California
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Darling Don't Cry, Red Wine, California

Darling Don’t Cry beckons you closer, her vibrant lips and shimmering tears a testament to unspoken stories. This is a wine that defies expectations, inviting you to peek beyond the surface.

This enigmatic Petite Sirah-dominant red shimmers a bright cherry-ruby in your glass. The captivating color hints at the playful twist this blend holds, a result of a unique and meticulous winemaking technique called reverse saignée. Inspired by the traditional saignée method used for rosé production, this process involves adding fermenting Petite Sirah juice to a vat of whole cluster grapes.

Unlike the classic method where juice is removed for rosé, this "reverse" approach creates a carbonic maceration environment. This technique allows fermentation to occur under a blanket of carbon dioxide, minimizing oxidation and preserving the grape's delicate fruit character. This meticulous approach is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our winemaking team, resulting in a wine that captures the pure, fruity, juicy essence of Petite Sirah.

Grapes for this blend are meticulously sourced from Vine View Ranch in Yorkville Highlands AVA and Green Valley Vineyard in Solano County. Both vineyards flourish under coastal influence, experiencing cool nights and warm days with extended ripening periods. This translates to beautifully concentrated fruit flavors and exceptional grape quality.

On the nose, the wine transports you to a hidden garden. Earthy herbs like rosemary and lavender mingle with hints of vintage potpourri and a whisper of worn leather. Delicate rose petals and a burst of raspberry peek through, creating a fascinating and unexpected contrast.

The first sip is a revelation. Soft, plush, and pillowy, the wine caresses your palate with a symphony of flavors. Imagine strawberry preserves dancing a tango with decadent milk chocolate, a touch of earthy leather adding a touch of intrigue. This isn't your average wine; it's a captivating story unfolding with every sip.

This wine has a fierce spirit simmering beneath the surface of the tear-stained label. The finish lingers long, with a playful warmth dancing on your tongue, leaving a hint of quiet defiance lingering on your palate. It’s a sip-and-savor kind of wine, an alluring enigma waiting to be explored with each swirl and taste.

Fabian Fioto, the photographer behind the captivating image on the label, is known for his love of vintage aesthetics and film photography. He strives to capture timeless beauty in his work, and his use of film forces him to be more deliberate with his compositions, resulting in images that are both evocative and thought-provoking.

Like the woman on the label, with her silent promise and captivating mystery, Darling Don't Cry holds its secrets close, revealing them only to those who take the time to truly discover its depths. 

darling don’t cry, pay them no mind
show them no fear, I’ll be right here

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Wine Specs
Non Vintage
Red Wine
Harvest Date
9/9/2022 & 10/12/2023
PS = 3 months, VAL/ZIN = 15 months - all neutral French barrels
Carbonic Maceration
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
Vine View Ranch, Yorkville Highlands (Mendocino) & Green Valley Vineyard (Solano County)
Production Notes
69% Petite Sirah, 16% ValdiguiƩ, 15% Zinfandel
Winemaker Notes
Petite Sirah (PS) - Reverse Saignee - direct press PS juice covered the whole clusters of PS for 5 days of carbonic maceration (in contact with the fermenting juice). After the 5 days the direct press and newly pressed carbonic whole cluster juice went to stainless steel tank together and left to finish fermentation before being barreled down Zinfandel - all de-stemmed, extended maceration, normal extraction - 2 pump-overs per day at peak of fermentation, aged in neutral oak Valdiguie - foot stomped, whole cluster - extended maceration, normal extraction - 2 pump-overs per day at peak of fermentation, aged in neutral oak and 1x large wooden tank
Food Pairing Notes
Roasted Duck, Grilled Lamb or Tandoori Chicken
350 Cases Made
Other Notes
Drink by 2027
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