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2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California
2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California - View 1
2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California - View 2
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2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California - View 4

2022 Tutto Passa, Red Wine, California

Everything passes. Everything changes. Live life in the now.

Behold, Tutto Passa, an ode to classic Italian table wines, and a gentle reminder to reminder to enjoy the here and now and squeeze every last drop of joy that you can out of life. Sometimes that means simply cracking open an excellent red wine, sitting back and enjoying the richness of flavors, your company, and the moment itself. That’s what we pictured when Tutto Passa came to life.

Barbera is forever a favorite in our winemaking team and is generally loved amongst winemakers far and wide. Most famous for its presence in Piedmont, Italy, Barbera is generally known as the approachable “wine of the people”, in comparison to its famous counterpart for the region, Nebbiolo. We love some down-to-earth shit over here. And Barbera is where it’s at. Crafted in an old-world style like its Piedmont original, this wine is guaranteed to please all wine aficionados, novices, makers and anywhere in between, especially when paired with the perfect bowl of homemade spaghetti.

We sourced this fruit predominantly from the Siletto Vineyard in San Benito County. 2022 was an extra hot year, but San Benito County remains cooler no matter what, bringing out a quality of softness in the wines produced, and this one is no exception. To make another Cal-Ital masterpiece, we blended 76% of the Barbera with Freisa, Montepulciano, Falanghina, Ruché and some Valdiguié to round it out with a touch of fruity spice. The result is a stunningly balanced medium-bodied wine that will guarantee sipping and savoring each moment that you drink it.

The characteristics of this wine are classic for Barbera. With high acidity and low tannins, this wine hits with assertion and tenacity right at the front of the palette, but only after you experience its stunning aromas on the nose: dark cherries, anise, a touch of vanilla and pine. The bright vibrance of this wine will dance on tastebuds, as it goes on to coat the whole palate with complex layers of flavor. A ton of lively fruit will hit you when sipping this magnificent wine, but you’ll notice herbaceous hints of rosemary and thyme, making it an excellent accompaniment to the turkey and stuffing on your Thanksgiving table. With a light body, but still lots of big flavor characteristics, this is a beautiful wine for the holiday season, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: perfect to slow down with and appreciate the simple, excellent moments in life shared with the people you love. 

We wanted this wine to be a reminder that everything in life is fleeting. Enjoy the here and now – as everything, one day – good or bad – passes. 

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Wine Specs
Red Wine
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Production Notes
76% Barbera, 9% Valdiguié, 6% Freisa, 5% Montepulciano, 2% Falanghina, 2% Ruché
Food Pairing Notes
Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salami Pizza, A full Thanksgiving plate
395 Cases Made
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