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2022 Trailer Park Pretty Rosé 6-Pack
2022 Trailer Park Pretty Rosé 6-Pack - View 1
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2022 Trailer Park Pretty Rosé 6-Pack

Hey there, honey pie! Are you lookin’ for somethin’ sweet, sassy and just a lil’ bit trashy?

Well, do we ever have the wine for you!

Except, it’s not sweet at all. It’s actually balanced as hell. White Zinfandel: not sweet, you say? That’s right! Take everything you remember from chugging Wild Vines “strawberry wine” (*shudder*) before and after your high school prom, pack it up in an old shoebox alongside your first tongue kiss or inebriation, and only re-visit it at a big ole reunion where you’re reminiscing about the past, and eating macaroni pie and hot dogs on a stick. But, while you reminisce, sip on this DELICIOUS sunshiney juice and celebrate how far you’ve come. Now you’re drinkin’ some real deal shit.

But really, this wine shatters all the myths and assumptions you have about the white Zinfandel grape. Created in 1970s California as a complete accident by Sutter Home wines, it was first marketed as more of an intro wine, or something for the more sweet-tooth inclined. At its cheap cost, it became associated with a sort of “lowbrow” category of wine, but we thought, what the hell, we’re not above anything and there’s nothing we love more than creating a highbrow/lowbrow love child. Out of our constant love for experimentation and an attitude of “why the fuck not?”, Trailer Park Pretty was formed.

We sourced our White Zin grapes from CherryHouse Vineyard on the West side of Lodi in the Mokelumne River region. Owned by the Perlegos brothers, second-generation growers of Greek heritage, the vineyard was named after the various cherry trees that were scattered around the property. Wines from the Lodi region are generally recognized for their more fragrant and highly tonal fruit quality due to the longer and more intense sun exposure, and the lack of fog and clouds, unlike many other California growing regions.

Alright, darlin’ enough of that stuff. Let’s get to the TASTE. God, dang, this tastes DIVINE. The most stunning color of pink, just like a cherry snow cone melted just enough at the summer carnival, this wine is the perfect accompaniment for all your summer excursions: strolling a beach boardwalk, floaties in the lake, running through the sprinklers, grillin’ up a feast. All of it. Deep kiwi and honeydew melon are on the nose, and when it first hits your palette, you’ll be delightfully hit with the light tartness of a cherry sweet tart. This wine has a beautiful roundness to it, and finishes with soft lingering flavors of watermelon rind.

All we can say is, it's real easy to drink a whole bottle while you lay under the summer sun, so drink with caution. Or, as we’d actually prefer: just call up your pals, fire up the grill, lay out the lawn chairs, fill up the kiddie pools and throw caution to the wind.

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