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Tank Garage Winery
November 22, 2019 | Tank Garage Winery

There's no day like Garage Sale day.


A few times a year, we get to bust our doors open for one day filled with pinball, rad wines, and even cooler people. This past Sunday marked our last Garage Sale of the year, and damn, did we have a good time. 80º and sunny, it was the cherry on top of our crazy-fun harvest season. Along with our favorite friends over at Pinball Pirate, we had our homies from Das Bus with their vintage VW Photobooth to capturing the festivities and Platinito Pupusas slingin' the foods (p.s. the pupusas were f*&king BOMB).

Naturally, shenanigans ensued:

This is what happens when you cram the team in a photo booth. 

Gibran and Jett always keepin' things chill behind the bar. 😎

Hannah sharin' all the good vibes and soakin' up that sunshine. 

Austin grabbin' that new high score. 

Until next year, homies. 


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