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April 18, 2023 | Tank Garage Winery

Tank ❤️s Goatlandia


At Tank we (obviously) love all things wine…and sex, drugs and rock n’ roll of course. But recently we’ve discovered our newest obsession.


That’s right. We recently did a field trip to Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary in Sebastopol. We cuddled baby goats, the serotonin was flowing, and now we are hooked. With Earth Day on the very near horizon, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight this amazing non-profit, whose mission is to “have fun, while helping animals, people and the planet.”

2 girls and baby goats

Deborah Blum, aka the “Goddess of Goats”, started Goatlandia after moving to Santa Rosa from San Francisco 22 years ago, and beginning to acquire some farm animals for her newly acquired acreage. After learning more about the agriculture and dairy industries and feeling shocked and saddened, she became a vegan overnight and began rescuing farm animals. On the gorgeous sunny day that we visited, surrounded by beautiful farmland and good vibes, we were told by Deb and Goatlandia’s Volunteer Coordinator, Lauren Kelly, about the dark side of the dairy industry. They explained that life on dairy farms is cruel and unforgiving, and on top of that, when a male baby goat is born, they are often killed shortly after, as they are not able to milk or give birth. For this reason, they focus on rescuing a large number of male babies from these farms. They also save animals that have been abused, abandoned, injured, or those that have special needs.

2 cute goats

a baby goat

One of the coolest parts of Goatlandia is the vegan kitchen they operate. The food we eat is one of the most powerful tools we have in fighting climate change and focusing on vegan and plant-based options is one of the main ways we can make a change. Goatlandia Kitchen offers catering for private events and public affairs. They also do pop-up events with other vegan chefs and bakers, cooking classes, work parties, and lunchtime takeovers, where they provide free, plant-based lunches to local businesses! We were lucky enough to get a magically curated vegan snack plate put together by Deb, which we paired with our newest Tank releases. It was amazing, and literally the perfect way to end a couple of hours playing with adorable goats.  

A Vegan cheese plate and Tank Wines

On our visit, we learned so much, had an incredible time, and felt like we were a part of a progressive and environmentally focused community aiming for positive long-term change. Want to give back and be a part of this beautiful community? Check out their volunteer opportunities, which involve being a regular team volunteer (once a week for at least 6 months), or on a lower commitment basis by dropping in on their group volunteer days. Goatlandia also provides group tours to the public! We guarantee you'll leave feeling ovejoyed.

Not near Sonoma County? DONATE HERE! Spread the word about Goatlandia, check out any local non-profits rescuing farm animals, promote environmental advocacy, and consider eating plant-based and vegan alternatives.

a girl and a goat

a girl and a goat


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