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Cellar Share


Do I need to be a Wine Club member to sign up for Cellar Share?

Nope. You may sign up for Cellar Share and enjoy all the benefits without joining our or any partner winery's Wine Club. Though, we highly recommend you do.

Does canceling my Wine Club membership cancel Cellar Share?

No. Cellar Share is completely independent from your Wine Club membership. If you choose to end your Wine Club membership, you will still enjoy all the Cellar Share benefits until they expire. At which time, you can choose to renew.

Can I cancel Cellar Share?

The $69 annual fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Your Cellar Share benefits will last one year.

How do I renew?

Your Cellar Share will expire after one year and will not automatically renew. If you wish to continue, you must sign up again and will be asigned a new membership number.

Is Cellar Share retroactive?

Cellar Share is not retroactive and can only apply to orders placed after you sign up.

Is Cellar Share available for Alaska or Hawaii?

Not currently. But we're working on it. Look on the bright side, you get to live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Cellar Share is a great deal and I love it!

Not really a question, but we're happy you enjoy it so much!

Does Cellar Share apply to merchandise?

Yes, but you must order at least two items and an additional $1 charge may apply separate to wine orders.

Why $1?

Due to some old laws pertaining to alcohol, we cannot give away shipping for free. And in the state of California, $1 is the minimum we can charge.

What else does Cellar Share get me?

Wait and see... ;)

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