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Poolside 6-pack

Poolside 6-pack

Contains 1 bottle each:

Alright Fight Club 

We start with Grüner Veltliner, our favorite thing to come out of Austria since Mozart, Schwarzenegger, and Redbull. This delicious grape is known for its citrusy vibes and mouthwatering acidity that makes flavors explode in your mouth like pop rock candy. To keep things interesting, we made Chenin Blanc the tag team partner, another white variety known for its acidic punch and pome fruit flavors. Fermented and aged for a few rounds in stainless steel, we bottled the juice up to lock in as much freshness as possible. Once we step into the ring, marvel at the refreshing straw hue and soak in the alluring aromas of lemongrass, pear, and honeysuckle. Spit out your mouthpiece and start drinking because this wine tastes DELICIOUS. Loads of lemon, apple, grapefruit, and white peach pour out of the glass. The finish is groovy and will leave you with a smile.

Occhiali Da Sole

This is the best Trousseau Gris we've ever made. Perfect for lounging in the last of the late-summer sun, Occhiali da Sole is a reminder to throw on some rose-colored shades and let all your troubles melt away. The color of a peachy-orange sunset with enticing aromas of rosewater and zesty citrus, this wine draws you in from the moment it hits your glass. On the palate, we get these mouth-watering flavors of lychee, earl grey tea, and a touch of cranberry. The balanced acidity with a slightly textural tannin structure makes this wine an ideal pairing for shellfish, poolside fare, or watching the sun disappear over the horizon.

Wild Child

Starting with the delicate salmon color, and gorgeous aromas of wild strawberries, grapefruit zest, and rose petals, this wine will literally make you drool. And when we say literally, we mean literally. On your tongue, you'll pick up these bright flavors of strawberry, bing cherry, and fresh watermelon complemented by sexy jasmine and tea notes. The finish? It's fucking crisp and satisfying. Just like you asked for.

Ancestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

 Right out of the bottle, its neon pink color and frothy bubbles are otherworldly. Take a whiff, and you'll be treated to sexy and inviting aromas of wild strawberries while bursting bubbles tickle your nose. But like we said, the real party starts in your mouth as this electric pink cookie juice zips over your tongue, treating you to refreshing flavors of fresh-cut strawberries, watermelon candy, and apricots, with a brisk minerality and exhilarating pop. This shit is straight-up orgasmic. You need to try it for yourself.

Crushed Hearts

On the nose, this wine is a heavenly blend of butterscotch, whipped cream, juicy pineapple, and golden apple, evoking memories of carefree summer days. On the palate, Crushed Hearts unleashes a burst of tropical flavors including luscious pineapple, tangy guava, and spicy cinnamon, followed by refreshing hints of kiwi and cantaloupe. The silky mouthfeel is simply divine, leaving behind a lingering finish that is both crisp and satisfying. Perfect for any occasion, but especially for indulging in a burrito in the afternoon sun at Dolores Park.

La Loba

La Loba features an enchanting blend of 45% Chenin Blanc, 44% Petit Manseng, 10% Bianchetta Trevigiana, and 1% Orange Muscat sourced from the hills of El Dorado County. Mineral-rich deposits in the soils and a large diurnal swing create an electric acidity we just can't get enough of. There is something deeply familiar about this wine, with its enticing apricot, lemon curd and gentle florals on the nose. It reminds us of the edge of spring, with the harsh winter behind us and warm breezes carrying whiffs of jasmine through the air. Once it touches your lips, it's all white peach and creamy Meyer lemon, with vivacious acidity and minerality that'll have you reaching back for glass after glass. 

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