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Hippy Sippy 3-Pack

Hippy Sippy 3-Pack

Contains three bottles: 

2022 Hippy Sippy, Pét-Nat Sparkling Chardonnay, San Benito County, Siletto-Wheeler Vineyard

We knew with some harmoniously classic grapes like these, and to capture the most vibrant expression of these psychedelic textures and flavors we turned to the méthode ancestrale. For anyone who might need a refresh, this is the oldest method for making sparkling wine and produces a beautiful and all-natural “pét-nat” (or pétillant naturel) by trapping carbon dioxide and fermenting itself inside the bottle with no added sugar or yeast. The gentle and silky carbonation in this bottle will have you wanting to join hands, pick flowers and graze meadows and mountainsides all day long. Hippy Sippy is truly bottled, free love, and your vibes will be at their most ultimate once you experience flavors of green apple, lemongrass and a mellow toastiness dancing on your taste buds. With delicate bubbles and medium-bright acidity, you’ll feel as though pure magic has unleashed amongst your senses. Get ready to take in the world around you like you never have before.

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