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Heavy Shredding Gift Set

Heavy Shredding Gift Set

*comes in a special boombox gift box*

1 - 2022 Skateland, Pét-Nat Sparkling Rosé, California

Indulge in the mouthwatering delight of sour watermelon Jolly Ranchers, a tantalizing blast from the past that tingles on your tongue. Freshly cut strawberries burst forth, their juiciness electrifying your senses with each sip. But that's not all—prepare for the wild ride of electric acidity that will send your taste buds into a frenzy. And like the smoothest roll on the rink, Skateland's vibrant minerality glides effortlessly, leaving an unforgettable trail of effervescent joy.

1 - 2022 Juicy, Gamay Noir, El Dorado County, Barsotti Vineyard

In the glass, Juicy unveils a captivating cherry red hue, hinting at its vibrant and lively character. On the nose is an enticing dance of strawberries, rhubarb, and cranberries, mingling with a slight hint of wet river rocks. This sensory experience transports you to the vineyard, where the marriage of the Gamay grape and illustrious granite soils create their magic. As you drink, the flavors envelop your palate with a tapestry of luminous flavors: red apples, sweet pomegranates, tangy, zesty cranberries, and a distinct presence of lingering minerality to balance it all out. The body is a perfect testament to the classic expression of Gamay – light and graceful, with a strong backbone of medium-bodied acidity, and a vibrance and liveliness that persists through each sip. After its beautifully lingering finish, you’ll only be thinking one thing “pass me the juice.”

1 - Heavy Metal Life, Red Wine, California

While this wine may be metal on the outside, once it is in your mouth it is all about silky smooth textures and intensity of flavor. Dark crimson in color, with wafting aromas of cherry pie, this thing pulls you into the glass. Once you're there, it bursts with head-banging flavors of blackberries, raspberries, vanilla bean, and white pepper spice. Smooth tannins lead to an irresistible finish.

2 - Shatterproof Wine Glasses

1 - Fuck Off Gold Wine Key

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