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Floral Pleasure 3-Pack

Floral Pleasure 3-Pack

Contains 3 bottles:

2022 Floral Pleasure, White Wine, California

On the palate, this wine hits with a perfect balance of roundness and bright, clean elegance. Though a dry wine, the Gewürztraminer and Riesling present add a delicate sweetness, as if there was a subtle wild honey rinse in your glass. Grüner Vetliner adds that crisp acidity that keeps your lips smacking with delight and reaching for more. With a lightness that creates the illusion of your taste buds dancing on a cloud of intricate flavors, you can sip on this all afternoon as the sun begins to wind down and create whimsical shadows on the springtime blooms. As you drink, you'll notice notes of Meyer lemon, lime, beeswax, and minerality swirling on your palate. 

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