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2023 Adult Toys, Rosé, Sierra Foothills
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2023 Adult Toys, Rosé, Sierra Foothills

Come step into a mosh pit of flavors and riotous vibes with Adult Toys.

For this rosé, we decided to take it back to the old-school Provençal style but bring in the spirit of 70s/80s punk rock vibes. While we’re not sure they were sipping on delicate rosés while Siouxsie and the Banshees at the CBGB, we’re pretty sure we would have been. So this is an ode to all those who feel cozy in a gritty, graffitied venue with loud punk rock playing, but wanna swap out their PBR for somethin’ that might make ‘em feel a little lighter as they bop around to the jams. To be clear…we love a good PBR too.

This classic blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Counoise has fruit all coming from the punk rock underground of the winemaking world: the Sierra Foothills, where sunny, warm days and cooler nights lead to rebellious bursts of fruit-forward flavor. In the glass, this wine boasts an evocative dusty pink that glows and stands out in dark underground clubs, graffiti alleyways and dimly lit green rooms. Take a whiff and get ready: you’ll be delightfully commanded by aromas of guava, rosewater, white peach, and fresh strawberries straight from the vine. No posers here. This stuff is the real deal right away.

As you take your first sip, it’s like diving headfirst into the frenetic, electric energy of a classic punk rock concert. Full of tropical juiciness at the forefront, this rosé explodes in a cacophony of flavors all over your palette and beyond. This wine creates the ideal and tart zestiness desired from a Provençal rosé, but the presence of that California fruit provides roundness that brings the balance we’re all looking for at pre-performance sound check. With waves of fresh-picked strawberries, and a slight tang of citrus, there’s also a touch of briny salinity that sense reverberating power chords deep into your palate. The acidity on this wine will keep you screaming and headbanging for more, leaving your taste buds buzzing like the feedback from a distorted guitar amp.

Adult Toys is like a punk rock anthem: lingering, rebellious, and utterly unforgettable. So raise your glass, turn up the volume, and throw yourself into the crowd with reckless abandon. This wine’s gonna make a lasting impression.

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Wine Specs
Sierra Foothills
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Production Notes
58% Grenache, 41% Mourvèdre, 1% Counoise
600 Cases Made
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