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2022 Mirror Play Rosé 12-Pack
2022 Mirror Play Rosé 12-Pack - View 1
2022 Mirror Play Rosé 12-Pack - View 2
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2022 Mirror Play Rosé 12-Pack

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Dim the lights, spread out the satin, and come with me… 

Let’s get comfortable, let’s get weird, and let’s strip off some layers because this wine is luscious, succulent, and bound to dazzle all your senses. We know it’s going to have you grasping at the sheets and begging for more, more, more… 

Following up to our crisp, Provençal-style Wild Child, we wanted to switch things up and bring in some deeper tones and bigger fruit flavors. A Tantalizing blend of 36% Mourvèdre, 34% Grenache, and 30% Cinsault picked from young vines at Snows Crossing, La Raia, and Sierra de Montserrat vineyards in the Sierra Foothills; these grapes were picked at ideal ripeness in August, chasing the incoming heat waves that hit the Napa Valley in early September 2022. This year we played around with foot-stomping the grapes before pressing them to allow for a little more skin contact in hopes of bringing out some deeper colors of the fruit, followed by all stainless-steel fermentation. The result is a sensual and mesmerizing rose gold that shimmers and allures as you swirl before taking it in. 

Right, we’re talking about wine! How does it taste? It. Is. Ecstasy. On the nose, this rosé is full of juicy watermelon, jasmine, and tropical fruit gushers. As soon as it hits your tongue, your palette will explode with lychee and passionfruit while executing a slow and seductive dance between balanced acidity and freshness. And then there’s the finish: luscious and overflowing bright fruit lingering on the back of your palette. This wine is ready to seduce at all times of the day: on the beach, on a picnic blanket laid out in the grass, an airplane, heart-shaped motel bed, living room floor, dining room table…right, we’re still talking about the wine. 

This wine is also amazing with spring and summer-centric foods. Think ceviche, crudo, or a spicy Thai soup or salad. We had this alongside Caribbean-inspired pickled shrimp with avocado and taro root chips, a meal from Compère Lapin in New Orleans, luckily made accessible to us from a dope new food concept in Napa called Moveable Feast which brings meals from renowned restaurants around the country to your doorstep. But don’t worry, this wine is also impeccable, with some eager lips simply begging for it and nothing else at all. 

And, of course, a wine this bewitching could only be partnered with our favorite creative muse and long-time collaborator, Sita Kaylin. Sexy flavors know sexy art, and these two have been seamlessly sewn together like the very finest luxury embroidery. 

Seriously, we’re crazy worked up about this wine: the tantalizing color, the bright juice, the sensual vibes, the versatility…we think you will be too.

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